New Attitude

Kathryn R.

CHICK-LIT:  Kira returns home from competing on a reality design TV show to discover her husband has left her and her five year-old daughter. Adding insult to injury, he has literally taken everything in the house and is getting married to a younger woman. Kira's priority is, of course, her daughter, but she must also figure out just what to do next. Upon encouragement from friends she puts herself and her heart out there, but it seems like it is just one date disaster after another. Unsure if she is truly ready to love again she continues to meet up with Tony, disaster date number one. Could he be the right guy for her after all? She certainly doesn't seem to be able to forget him. 


Kira is a true-to-life character that shows her flaws just as openly as her integrity and honesty. The continuous collision between Kira and Tony and her moments of wallowing in self-pity are somewhat tiresome, yet the spark between them is a powerful flame that keeps the reader drawn in nonetheless. Tony has a dreaminess to his character which makes him the kind of man one hopes will win the girl in the end. Instantly likable, humorous and sometimes one-hundred percent painfully truthful, this is a great chick-lit story that really connects with the mind and heart!


Margaret Faria