Need Me

Shelley K.

After a prank on a rival fraternity, Roger jumps into a random girl’s car to make his getaway. Caroline is shocked when he gets into her car, but intrigued and, against her better judgment, wants to get to know him. Their time at college is quickly coming to an end, however, and so is the relationship they started. Yet, when they meet up again, six years later, both Roger and Caroline are in very different places. Can they open their hearts again and be lucky in love the second time around?


The opening chapters of this book are a fun, flirty college romance that will grab the reader’s attention. Then the book skips ahead six years and the characters are completely different people, with a story just as different. The serious second half of the book misses the beat with several time jumps and the uneven pacing prevents the reader from emotionally connecting with the characters.  Yet, even as the romance struggles to blossom with the people Roger and Caroline have become, there were solid romantic moments for readers to sigh over.  Too many times in the second half of the book, however, the story events are told instead of shown. With the first half it’s easy to see the author has real talent. The photography theme throughout the book was a nice touchstone and the way the characters use it will resonate with readers. Animal lovers will also enjoy Conan the dog. He was definitely a scene-stealer!


Kate Campbell