My Sexy Chef (My Sexy Chef #1)

Susan Jean

Malibu O’Hare calls on her aunt Cindy when she has a rare guy problem. She’s usually good at dealing with guys, but Mark Bouchard is getting under her skin. A Creole Chef, Mark has a physique that makes women’s mouth water even more than his food does. He’s also had issues with his past. It’s not just the heat in the kitchen making things hot; the passion and fire between these two is intense! Scandal restaurant becomes the scene for these two to work out their differences and realize their feelings for one another.

This is a very short novella with passionate love scenes and two characters who are not only well developed in a very short time, but who work well together despite the issues they’re facing. The story dives straight in at the restaurant and immediately the reader is told just how attractive Mark is. The descriptions given by the author are excellent and will have the reader able to clearly imagine the scenes and play them through in their head. What a shame the book wasn't longer! The author has great writing skills and the story develops well. An excellent short read, Susan Jean Ricci has delivered a little gem!

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick