My Own Mr. Darcy


Pride and Prejudice? That was for Elizabeth’s mother and all the other blue hairs. Lizzie had tried to read it but, in high school, she’d rather watch the movie than spend all that time on a book. Huh. Little did she know! Six years after her mother dragged her to the movie, Matthew Macfadyen’s Mr. Darcy was still the standard that every man would be compared to and no one had yet passed muster.

Lizzie’s roommate has had it with her. She challenges Lizzie to commit to ten dates with the next guy she goes out with. Lizzie reluctantly accepts the challenge with Chad just in time to meet her Matthew Macfadyen in the flesh. His name is even Matt! Matt is dark and brooding and even calls her Elizabeth. But Matt doesn’t make her laugh and her heart race like Chad does. Still, she refuses to give up the chance to have her own Mr. Darcy.

When presented with books that dare mention Jane Austen, Mr. Darcy, or Pride and Prejudice, they generally evoke one big eye roll and a heavy dose of skepticism. Not so with “My Own Mr. Darcy”. Refreshing and light, “My Own Mr. Darcy” allows one to take a new and exciting journey arm in arm with an old friend. Several times there were opportunities where it was feared the author would take the stereotypical route. Again, not so. White displays her skill in storytelling right up to the last word of the last page, leaving one with a smile on their face as they close the book with a satisfying thump.

Sofia St. Angeles