My Only One


Esme is running through Manhattan in her fancy cocktail dress and holding her 5 inch heels that she splurged on; running away from an evil drug lord whom her father had set her up with. Little did she know that her father had always promised her to him - for paying off a debt he owes. Esmeralda’s mother had been ill, and when funds were offered towards her care, they accepted, only to lose it all anyway. Shane is in his cruiser at the end of his shift with NYPD, and when he sees Esme, he cannot believe his eyes. It’s been 10 years and he’d lost track of her when she moved away from next door. Can Shane help her and keep her safe from the man who wants her?

“My Only One” is a heart pounding, palm sweating story from the first page, and it keeps this pace throughout the entire book! Ms. O’Shay has created amazing characters that readers will love. The heroine is one strong lady; she’s overcome much loss and has a career she enjoys. Shane, the hero, is part of a typical New York, Irish/Italian large family that many readers will relate to. The suspense and the action that transpire is the stuff of movies. This is a novella – short, yet with a fast paced tale that will leave readers wanting more of Esme and Shane’s story, along with his crazy family. This second chance at love is not an uncommon theme, and readers will devour it in one sitting… on the edge of their seats! This is definitely one to keep on a “Favorites” list.

Viola Robbins