My Not So Wicked Ex-Fiancé


Shelby Duchane is happily engaged to Ryder Prescott until she sees damning pictures of her fiancé with another woman. Heartbroken, she flees Georgia without a word to Ryder. A long and difficult search brings Ryder to stay at the same town where Shelby lives, while he bases his business nearby. Now, Ryder’s constant presence causes Shelby to relieve all the heartbreak she is trying so hard to escape from. Ryder, still furious at her sudden departure, demands explanations for her unexplained actions. And upon hearing her reasons, he insists he is innocent.  Realizing her horrible mistake, she is now doing everything she can possibly do to win back her man.

“My Not So Wicked Ex-Fiancé” is a carefree comedy filled with angst as Shelby tries to correct her mistake. Our heroine's original actions are long-reaching and lend frustration and heartache, not only to Ryder but to the reader, as well. While the main story is surely a page-turner, there are a few scenes that tend to drag a little. Also, some of the secondary characters are a bit underdeveloped which leaves them un-sympathetic. The exception is Bobby Jay, an important but minor character, who adds flavor and fun to the story popping up when one least expects him. Even with these minor glitches, however, Ms. Peel cleverly manages to keep the reader engaged and anxious to see how the characters will overcome all the hurt that one misunderstanding can cause on their way to their happily ever after!

Belinda Wilson