My Not So Wicked Boss (My Not So Wicked Series, Book 3)


Single mom Aspen Parker hates her job, especially after an idiot is promoted above her. So, when dashing British author Miles Wickam—her favorite writer—offers her a job as his personal assistant and nanny to his nephew, Henry, she accepts, though not without reservations. He has been her 'go-to' male fantasy for years, but to work for him she must sign a contract forbidding any romantic entanglements. With sizzling chemistry zinging between them, can Aspen and Miles manage to live in close proximity—almost like a family—while he finishes his next best-seller and still avoid becoming entangled? Can a self-centered bachelor give Aspen what she needs—his whole heart? Not if that damned contract has anything to say about it!

This third “Not So Wicked” tale is a delightful and interesting twist on the nanny-out-of-her-depth trope. Aspen knows what she is doing in every aspect of life except relationships. Miles, on the other hand, who is learning to parent his recently orphaned nephew, is completely out of his depth. All the characters in the story are well rounded and interesting, and Aspen and Miles’ interactions are lively, believable and occasionally funny. Little Henry is a gem. The plot moves steadily with few twists or turns, but watching this little family come into being is the truly heartwarming center of the story. Occasionally, Miles’ British dialogue seems more appropriate to a Regency novel, and the plot drags a little with sub-plots regarding Aspen’s friends. Minor quibbles aside, though, Ms. Peel has crafted a lovely first-person, stand-alone narrative which will have readers eager to read the first two ‘Not So Wicked’ tales!

Marc Joseph