My Nora

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The first time Matt Vogel lays eyes on his new neighbor, Nora Fredrickson, she is dancing unabashedly with a garden hoe to music only she can hear, and Matt is smitten at first sight.  Nora has recently moved to quiet, quaint Chowan County, NC to put some distance between herself and her ex-husband and to pursue her painting career.  Matt immediately declares his intentions to court Nora, but despite her attraction to Matt, Nora is hesitant to jump into another relationship right away.  Matt will have to be patient, persistent, and creative to win the artist over.
Ms. Trent has done a wonderful job of creating a setting that feels familiar and makes it incredibly easy to become immersed in this story.  Even though the story is short, a proper amount of time is spent building a legitimate foundation with real feelings between Matt and Nora.  They each take a turn at trying to end their budding relationship for neurotic reasons – Nora’s is somewhat believable, Matt’s is less so.  The only real complaint is the presence of a couple of secondary characters and a subplot that seem to be superfluous, stealing focus from the love story and mouthwatering steam between the main characters.  Overall, a pleasing tale of small-town romance that is easy to slip into, like a favorite sweater.

Leslie Stokes