My First My Last My Only (Granite Cove #1)


Twenty-five-year-old Francine “Franny" Dawson has a lot going for her. She is the owner of a successful business, the Sweet Spot bakery. She's healthy, young, and embarking on a new plan to open up possibilities for her personal life in friendship and romance. The return of her estranged best friend from childhood undercuts her confidence. Twenty-six-year-old teen actor turned award-winning director Mitch Atwater leaves personal drama and the paparazzi in Hollywood to build a peaceful life in the small town of Granite Cove, New Hampshire, where he spent a few of the most enjoyable summers of his life. Franny is the source of his good memories. Will their early friendship provide a strong foundation for a long-term commitment, or will insecurities and miscommunication drive them apart? 

“My First My Last My Only" offers believable scenes of daily life in an intimately connected community. Franny is a bit silly and very dramatic in ways that are mostly consistent with a privileged young adult. Her obsessing about her insecurities comes across as redundant by the halfway point of the story, but her self-awareness and catastrophic clumsiness add unique charm. Family friction, a town scandal, and inclusion across generations are a few of the enticing narrative lures in this cozy romp. Nuanced characterizations in the secondary personalities enhance the depth of the featured characters to portray a present-day society and individuals struggling to move forward while making peace with their past decisions. Franny and Mitch's story is perfect for readers who enjoy romance that combines slapstick with soap opera. 

Cardyn Brooks