My Clarity


NEW ADULT:  Alexandria is leaving home to start college and is more than ready for the change. Her father has been gone just three months and her whole world turned upside down after his death from lung cancer. Her cousin Jimmy hooked her up with his old room, furnished apartment and roommate. She would be three hours from Liam, her boyfriend of the last six months, but also excited to make new friends. Ellie, aka Elijah, the new roommate and Alex have a lot in common and yet they are from two different worlds. In her eyes hes the wrong guy for her. Is he really the bad guy others make him out to be? Could they get along as roommates or does the universe have something else in store for these two?


Mary pulls at the heartstrings right from the start of My Clarity. The death and loss of a parent will hit the hearts of all readers. The story of two opposites attracting and falling in love only to set each other free is a love story all will enjoy. The plot and character development is evenly paced and flows beautifully and consistently throughout. This story is told from both male and female perspectives and is done deftly. Readers arent told where this story takes place; just college town USA. A description of city and state might give more of a connection to readers, but does not take away from the story. Grab your tissue box, it will come in handy throughout this misunderstood and touching love story!


Julie Caicco