My Army Ranger – A Novella; The Texas Kincaids Book 4


Crystal Kincaid wants what most take for granted, peace. She is living her worst nightmare, dealing with a man obsessed with her after only dating briefly. Crystal moves to start over, trying to outrun her stalker. In the process, she reunites with her childhood friend Cameron Rodriguez. Cam is back in their small Texas town at the perfect time, but with a haunted past of his own. Cam is an Army vet, back from the war as an amputee. He is trying to find his new normal, having left the Army due to his injury. These small-town friends come together, but they fight their feelings for one another, all the while battling demons they have been trying to hide, only to be tested beyond their control.

Bonnie Phelps knocks it out of the park with this installment of the Texas Kincaids, the fourth in the Texas Kincaids series. This is a great standalone book, but to gather a little more back story, readers may want to start from the beginning to see how it all started. From romance to suspense to family ties that bind to the guilt one carries needlessly, readers can get so entranced in this book, it could easily be finished in one sitting. The downfall of this novella is in its short length. Events happen so fast with no time for any build up or background understanding whatsoever - sometimes from paragraph to paragraph! The plot is also very predictable. Even so, readers will fall in love with these characters and cheer them on from the moment they meet them.

Alison Ellis