Must Keep You: A Billionaire’s Surprise Baby Romance (Darling Cove Book 5)


Lily Mathews and Carter Holden work together—and play together— at CNN . . . in the studio, in the shower, and between the sheets. It’s been going on about three months and Lily is fine with the fling’s temporary status. Lily knows, with her sketchy upbringing, her extensive body art and multiple piercings, she would never fit into the tux-and-tie world of Carter’s high-brow family. Then, surprise! The little blue line appears, and everything changes. Lily wants the baby all to herself. She’s not about to trap the rich guy into a loveless marriage. But Carter has other ideas . . . and maybe other feelings neither of them knew were growing all along.

This is a fast-paced, steamy Billionaire’s Baby story that breaks the mold—in a good way. The characters are deeply carved, and both Carter and Lily touch the readers’ hearts as well as elevating heart rates. One problem after another complicates the basic dilemma of two people who aren’t sure they’re in love but have a baby on the way. Unlike some of these types of romances, there is no cat and mouse game. Carter and Lily are in this together throughout, although increasing complications do amp up the question: will there be a happy ever after? The author has created a diverse and realistic cast of characters who have obviously been around through four books before this one. We have no doubt some of them will step into the spotlight for number six. Great as a standalone, the book definitely entices readers to check out the rest of the series.

FS Brown