With Murderous Intent

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ROMANTIC SUSPENSE:  For Caitlin Fitzgerald life in Dublin has become unbearable. Stalked by her ex-boyfriend all she wants is to feel safe, and continuing to live in Ireland is simply not an option. She needs to get far away, to start a new, secure life. Widower Jake Monterey has two children, Elizabeth, eight and William, six who need a teacher to school them on their remote property in the Top End of Australia. Answering an advertisement for a governess in Australia is as far away as possible from her troubles in Ireland. Surely her ex won't find her there? 

This is a lovely romance with suspense in a contemporary setting. The story is well written and descriptive. Perhaps the most outstanding feature of With Murderous Intent is the delightful setting in Australia. With vivid detail from Caitlin's hot, dry, dusty arrival in Broome and a realistic depiction of the life and everyday running of a station in the Top End, this was enjoyable reading. Author Maggi Andersen has conveyed a believable sense of life and the people in the Outback without overdoing the clichés and mannerisms that authors from outside Australia often tend to do. The re-appearance of Caitlin's ex and the way he found out her new location was a little fortuitous. Jake’s girlfriend was the typical, gorgeous, nasty piece, and the plot presented nothing

particularly new. But With Murderous Intent is still an enjoyable, satisfying romantic suspense that has its greatest appeal in the evocative Australian setting.


Jill MacKenzie