Mr. Right's Baby


Adrian Wright has a problem – he just found out that a woman he had a fling with seven years ago has finally decided to tell him she had a little girl who she gave up for adoption and that the baby was his!  Now, he will do anything to meet his little girl, even if it means signing on as her substitute teacher for two weeks so he can get to know her.  He must keep his identity a secret from her mother Katie, until he gets to know her better and decides if he will tell her who he really is.  This begins the frustrating romance between Adrian – whom his daughter, Carly, calls “Mr. Right” and Katie.  His immediate attraction to his daughter’s widowed mother follows many twists and turns with lots of misunderstandings, proving the road to love can be rocky, indeed.  At a certain point he realizes he must decide if he wants to marry Katie because he truly loves her - or if he is just in love with his daughter and the idea of being a “real” dad…

This is one book where the reader should just get comfortable in a favourite chair because once, started this story is hard to put down!  It will make one laugh, get one frustrated, loving and rooting for these three people who are destined to become a family – if only they will see it long enough for everything to work out right!  It is a sweet, delightfully charming, contemporary romance that leaves one wishing for more.

Lynne Coyer