The Move, Book 2 of the Creek Water Series


CHICK-LIT:  When Manhattan born and bred Lexi Blake’s life takes one bad turn after another, she decides to use the leave she has saved up and go visit her friend Emmie in small-town Creek Water, Missouri, which is as polar opposite of NYC as it’s possible to be. Lexi falls in love with the charms of the town and a house she learns her ancestors once lived in and helped operate the Underground Railroad through. Things get interesting when Lexi’s eccentric artist father shows up, without telling her mother he was leaving home, and Lexi can’t help but be drawn to Emmie’s cousin, Beau, although he seems to be tangled in a messy relationship with someone else. 

Welcome back to Creek Water, full of small-town charm readers will love. The plethora of secondary characters add so much humor and secondary storylines to this story that they are truly invaluable. Lexi is a pretty no-nonsense girl who goes after what she wants, and she’s determined to buy the old Frothingham house. Her father showing up creates even more humor as he’s an eccentric artist whose ‘process’ is bizarre, but Lexi just rolls with it. A hint of the mystical adds an interesting angle, as fortunes told but not believed come to fruition. Beau feels a little wishy-washy as the main man, and the relationship between him and Lexi takes forever to work out, then feels incredibly rushed when they do eventually get together. Besides that, an enjoyable, light-hearted romantic comedy that is definitely worth the read.

Katy Nielsen