Mostly Perfect – The Women of Ambrose Estate

Heather B.

GOTHIC:  Lauren Ambrose is perfectly content to live an unfettered artistic life in San Diego devoted to her miniature paintings and casually dating to ensure her family’s curse doesn’t affect any man in her life. Summoned home to Ambrose, Texas by her grandmother to attend an urgent business meeting, she is instantly attracted to the gorgeous stranger she ends up sharing a cab with. Imagine her surprise when said stranger happens to be the venture capitalist, Nick Mathews, who her grandmother is planning to meet with to discuss his investment in the family business, Ambrose Oil. Nick and Lauren can’t deny their feelings for each other, but will their love be enough to break the curse that befalls every man an Ambrose woman loves?

“Mostly Perfect” is a charming, modern-day, romantic story with a dash of gothic magic. Although the plot is predictable, the story is still an enjoyable and fast read just right for a cozy afternoon in one’s favorite chair. Heather B. Moore’s fine brush strokes of blossoming love combined with a dreaded family curse paints the story with a hint of drama and suspense. Her characters, Lauren and Nick are lovable and obviously perfect for each other. Their contrasting lifestyles of a rich business mogul and a fledging artist are the ideal landscape for a tender love story. The secondary characters, though mostly conventional, are needed to move the tale along. The climax is a nice unexpected twist. Ms. Moore delivers a sweet tale of two people destined to find love, if they are willing to overcome their differences and make the necessary sacrifices to be together.

Tonya Mathenia