More Than the Money (Heartlands #3)


Alfrieda, Alfieis a twenty-four year old girl living with her grandfather, her only relative. She works the farm and takes care of the horses on their New Zealand estate. She is taken aback when a guest arrives and finds out her grandfather has been plotting for some time to unload the estate and she happens to be part of the deal. Hes arranged marriage with the estate sale! Grandpa means well and wants to make sure she is taken care of, but he never discussed her future with her and shes not willing to marry a stranger or give up what is rightly hers. Alfie is feeling confident and comfortable until Rory, the cowboy, points out all the ways shes not independent and he hopes to help her change that.


This is a quick read and although there is not much drama, nothing to really sink your teeth into, its a blooming romance and readers will want to see where the main characters end up. Hero and heroine are both easy to like, but the story is so rushed readers may be left wanting for more. There are some editing errors, but easy to look past. The steamy scenes go quickly but allows readers to get the feel for what's transpiring. Can the handsome Texas cowboy convince her they can make this arrangement work so they both benefit? A steamy romance with a gentleman cowboy - cant go wrong with that combination! Book three in a series and stands alone.


Viola Robins