Molly Harper (Once and Forever #1)


WOMEN'S FICTION:  Molly Harper may be the hottest thing on the silver screen, but no amount of professional acting can prepare her for the events about to unfold in her life. If she thought the paparazzi were relentless before, a frenzy is about to ensue.

Anne Sullivan has kept secrets for far too long - secrets long buried by a life lived. But new life-altering information has left her with no choice but to reveal the truth, no matter what the cost. 

Cruz Morales has loved Molly from the moment he saw her, but when it came to a choice between her career and his love, the choice was clear. Little does he know her career isn’t the sole reason for her distance. 

“Molly Harper” is no flighty cotton-candy novel. It’s intense, tumultuous, and contemplative. It forces the reader to delve into the depths of their heart and examine the actions of their past. The characters and plot lines are vibrant, full, and believable—and not just the main ones. Smatterings of editing issues were a mild irritant, but Ms. Gamble’s skill in dialogue is of particular note. It’s absolutely superb and creates the unique ebbs and flows of the adventurous tide her novel rides upon. It’s quite remarkable. It’s so good you don’t notice it. And that’s the point.

Sofia St. Angeles