Mixing It Up


CHICK-LIT:  Cecily Sinclair hosts a television cooking show called Serving Romance, and she’s quite content in her stable and predictable environment.  All of this changes when her new boss Devlin Hayes takes over the network and decides a total makeover is just what the company needs; including Cecily's show. Her world is turned upside down, and amidst the chaos she must also sort out her romantic feelings for three bachelors vying for her attention.

This story starts out with a great hook and really draws the reader into the first couple of chapters.  Unfortunately, it unravels from there.  The main romantic love interest is not well defined until halfway in. The main character continually whines about everything, yet this is defined as “someone who knows what they want”.  The internal conflict is ambiguous due to overly narrative dialogue, chock-full of irrelevant details, making it nearly impossible for the reader to place where the story is going or who they should be rooting for. The reader is left unsatisfied - the story drags with unnecessary information, yet lacks plot points in areas where it needed to be flushed out.  Even at the very end questions are left vaguely answered about a major climactic plot point.  If the reader is interested in a book that takes them on many side-navigating explanations concerning how a food network runs, brand names the upper crust of society favors, and/or minute details about fine dining, then this could be a good read. 

MB Rose