Misunderstood in Merritt: A Novella (Crossroads Book 2)

Alicia Hunter

Indispensable personal assistant Sammy Anderson keeps the famous Beauford brothers’ lives running smoothly by anticipating their needs and performing their bidding. 

His job does have it perks - what with the unending line of women who will stop at nothing to get close to his bosses - but his interest lies elsewhere. He has his sights set on interior decorator Pam Carson with her curvy, cuddly body and amazing emerald eyes. Pam, on the other hand, doesn’t deem herself beautiful enough for the handsome Sammy with his dimples and chiseled physique. However, when Sammy and Pam are teamed together to ensure the Beauford Benefit Concert’s success, sparks fly.

This sexy, contemporary romance starts with a bang from page one, leaving no doubt in the reader’s mind that the protagonists have a mutual attraction and strong, sexual chemistry. However, Sammy gives the reader a sense of being almost simple minded at the beginning of the story but is later portrayed as capable and intelligent, which makes him seem like he possesses a dual personality of sorts. Both protagonists suffer from low self-esteem and insecurities but are nevertheless realistic and likeable and have one rooting for their happily ever after, although the ending seems rushed. Delivering sensual romance and a true sense of family love, this fun and easy to read novel engages the senses and leaves one with a smile in the heart.

Janna Shay