Mistletoed in Merritt (Crossroads, Book 3)

Alicia Hunter

Hélène-Louise Soileau is the daughter of a house servant for an affluent New Orleans family. She discovers her grandmother’s tools for lace making as a child and develops a love for the craft. Lace becomes her life and her love. Love is a fickle thing for the young woman who makes the mistake of falling for the son of her mother’s employers. 

Bennett Pontellier Watkins has a silver spoon in his mouth and the world at his feet. His parents have grand aspirations for him, including a wife they have selected. Bennett fell hard for the beautiful young woman who is forbidden fruit, but when his mother discovers his dalliance, she intervenes, destroying two lives. 

An intriguing concept, the story brings together two lost loves who find each other after an eight year separation. Unfortunately, they were torn apart by someone else and each carries a grudge. While not truly a unique tale it is very romantic and downright steamy. The redundant slips into the old hurts does drag the story down in pace and it took a long time to reach the rather sappy, yet happy ending. Pace and plot are further hampered by wording and editing errors. The shining star is Hélène-Louise. This character is vividly portrayed and grabs the reader’s attention. The ensemble cast of characters is also ripe with rich descriptions. The author truly knows how to craft dynamic characters. 

Penelope Anne Bartotto