Mistletoe Mishaps


Scott Woodrow, who loves all things Christmas—especially lights—helps Nic Collier to put up her Christmas Lights. Nic does the decorating begrudgingly, only because Hallie, her co-worker and the host of the TV show Nic produces, challenges her to participate in the station's decorating contest. Nic isn’t a big fan of Christmas or Christmas lights since the break-up with her last boyfriend. Nic is wary when Scott offers to help and thinks Hallie put him up to it. As Nic and Scott get to know each other by shopping for and decorating Nic’s house, they fall for each other as they share some intimate moments and learn about each other's pasts and hurts. Scott starts to gain Nic’s trust, and Nic starts to heal and realize maybe things aren’t as they seem in her life—until Nic sees Scott and Hallie under the mistletoe. 

It all starts with lights and a kiss. An easy, quick read filled with well-developed characters to bring readers into the story they’ll find enjoyable. The book starts off strong and continues that way through the middle. The middle to the end of the book, however, isn’t as strong and leaves the reader wishing for more. Though the storyline and the banter between the characters is enjoyable, readers may find the plot somewhat uneventful. In the beginning, Nic, may come off as rather masculine, so readers may have a hard time seeing her as the feminine lead. Yet, if you are looking for a quick read, “Mistletoe Mishaps” would be a good book. Definitely one to read while on vacation or just needing an easy to-go book.

Heather Kroll