Miranda Writes

Gail Ward

Miranda Quinn left her job as an Assistant District Attorney in disgrace; her key witness in a high-profile case disappeared just before the trial, allowing a suspected murderer and rapist to go free. Now Miranda is finally getting her life back on track. Her successful “Miranda Writes” blog turned into a successful podcast, and now she is preparing to launch her own daytime television show based on “Miranda Writes blog/ podcast”. She has turned her life around, rising above the shame from back then… Until another girl is attacked, and Miranda’s missing witness reappears with a shocking story, that if true, shows how far people will go when lives are on the line.  

Readers will be hard pressed to find a more creative or wittier book! “Miranda Writes” is fresh, original, and surprising. The characters are fully fleshed and well portrayed. Miranda Quinn’s entire life is full of conflict and readers will enjoy seeing what is coming at her next. Background knowledge is retold a few times too many, causing the story to drag in places, which in turn makes the timing seem off; whether it be how much Miranda can fit into a packed week or how quickly a high-profile trial can go to court, but fiction isn't held by the same time constraints as reality. Romance is a minimal part of the storyline. The ending seems to fall flat, not packing the punch one would quite expect, nor does it live up to the superior writing in the rest of the book. Regardless, readers who like light romance, legal fiction, and strong women fiction in their stories will want to read “Miranda Writes”. 

Emerson Matthews