Mimi Plus Two (Mimi Chronicles #2)


CHICK-LIT:  Mimi Finnegan has found her one true love and is planning to marry him. She is also pregnant with his child and has yet to meet his family. Elliot's revelation that his family is English nobility is enough to turn Mimi’s world upside down. Mimi’s sister is also pregnant and gives her someone to take this crazy journey with. Buying her dream home and giving up her quaint cottage is a struggle but soon Mimi is in the throes of making a home for her family and making it something her in-laws are comfortable in. Will the postpartum depression get the better of Mimi or will she be able to snap out of it and allow others into her bubble and love her new baby as she does?

Mimi is quite a character with many layers. Readers get to see the fun and witty Mimi and will also be introduced to the crazed mind of a new mom and the anxieties that come with it. The supporting characters are a welcome addition to the plot and each showcases their personalities along the way. Mimi is a plagued with constant insecurities and thus begins her compulsive prepping. The plot goes a bit off course after baby comes, which slows the pace down. The ending seems abrupt and leaves readers with unanswered questions. The pregnancy depression and the emotions that come along for the ride are subjects that many readers will relate to and are well portrayed. 

Viola Robins