The Millionaire Plan


Amber has a plan - her goal is to marry a millionaire.  Sounds easy, right?  Amber’s parents are in financial trouble, and it’s all her fault.  The least she can do is bail them out of their difficulties.  She’s not marrying for love and  she cringes at the label “gold digger”, but she doesn’t have any choice.  When she meets Jed Curtess, a skipper on a yacht, she is so attracted to him, but without the millionaire status, he just won’t do.  She finally tells him her tale of woe and her plan, and asks for his help with the rich set.  Jed is there to help, but he’s hiding something.  And when Amber meets Randy, a rich dilettante who needs a woman to marry him and have his baby so he can get his inheritance, it seem Amber’s path is clear, except she can’t stop thinking about Jed.  And Jed seems ready to release Amber to her millionaire life, but he’s never met anyone like her – can he walk away?  


“The Millionaire Plan” is a modern twist on a “rags-to-riches” story, where the girl has to decide if she wants to marry for money or for love. Although the trope has already been played to distraction, the love triangle between Amber, Jed, and Randy teases the reader just enough to make it interesting, leaving no clue as to who Amber will choose.  The developing romance between Amber and Jed is also well done, with both characters helpless in the face of their mutual attraction.  Ultimately Amber must discover where her heart truly lies and decide if the cost is worth it.  Now who could resist a love story like that?


Victoria Z. Burg