Midsummer Dreams: (21st Century Bard #2)


It only stands to reason that when Emily Midsommer’s father decides to get married that a Midsummer Dreams party in celebration is needed. Emily’s personal baggage is influencing her relationship with her beau and her father’s wedding plans.  Her intended, Dominic, is steadfast but quickly realizes his life isn’t what he expected.  Helen is in love with a taken man and is a shell of herself.  Alex is a partying, shagging fool, until he meets the woman who claims his heart.  The four's worlds collide and realign during this party full of magicians and drink, but can they withstand the aftermath?

This is a cute take on Shakespeare’s classic tale from a UK author, thus readers should not be taken aback by the difference in spelling of common words.  However, there are few light editing issues dealing with missing or incorrect pronouns. The delivery of the tale may be off-putting to some readers.  All four main characters receive equal time as the chapter changes.  However, where three of the points of view are related in third person, the fourth is via the first person stance.

While this is slated as a romantic comedy, the arrow waits to hit its mark until later in the second half of the book and does deliver the comedic relief; however, the delay might give some readers a slight pause to complete the first half. Romantic comedy readers will be delighted with the happily-ever-after delivered in this tale.

Jordyn Teel