Mermaid Voice (Fairy Tale Series)

Laura Lee

Syrena Evans left her hometown in Louisiana to work in Hollywood. Though she dreams of making it big, she works behind the scenes performing stunts. Her latest assignment is a mermaid epic that takes her favorite book to the silver screen. She has doubts about Caspian Wells being cast as the male lead, but as she watches him bring the character of Destan to life, she's charmed. It doesn't take long for Caspian to recognize Syrena's talent - or her character. He knows Syrena is perfect, not only on the set but in his life. It's going to take all his skills as an actor and a man to convince her. Will Syrena accept the chance of a lifetime, or will she let her fears stand in the way of having it all?

"Mermaid Voice" is a sweet, heartwarming tale with the perfect fairy-tale ending! Syrena stays true to her roots and is the kind of heroine readers love to get behind. Caspian, the son of a famous actress and director, has lived a life of privilege, though not without scars. The banter between Caspian and his best friend, and Syrena and her friends often shines. While there are some bumps in Syrena and Caspian's journey, the stakes are never high enough for the story to reach a gripping climax or an all-is-lost moment. Even so, this is a feel-good story that would be even better if it had been well edited, particularly with respect to verb tenses. Nonetheless, "Mermaid Voice" will delight readers looking for a tender, charming read in which dreams do come true!

Tricia Hill