Memories of Love (Hollywood Hearts)

Jean C.

Is any dream shinier than that of being a star? Carol Anne Brewster has wanted to be an actress her whole life. Nothing could make her happier than an offer from Hollywood.  Could there? Going means leaving Washington and Grant Hollings, the love of her life. Long-distance relationships survive.  Don't they?  Sadly, this one goes down in flames after a string of misunderstandings and coincidences.

Five years later, Grant is married to someone else and raising his and Cara’s child. Cara is a movie star far, far away from him and all they have are memories of love. Until New York and a fateful meeting…

“Memories of Love” will pull a reader in like a box of chocolates until they keep reaching for just a little more! This book is addicting in its melodrama and seductiveness, but sadly, it had little to show apart from that. It is difficult to say the characters acted out of character because it isn't very clear what kind of people they are. They overact and rush through misunderstandings and clichés, but one doesn’t get a feeling there is anything substantial there. The same could be said about their relationship. If their bond was really that strong, the events that kept them apart wouldn’t have happened in the first place, and if it wasn’t, then the speed of their reunion and HEA makes no sense. Confusing?  Yes!  A reader can approach this book like a soap opera: it has enough twists and turns to keep them entertained, but for anything more, another story might be best.

Mimi Smith