Melting Into You (Due South #2)


Venture back to Oban, New Zealand for the second installment in the "Due South" series.  Ben Harland, a confirmed bachelor with rough edges, finds out he has a daughter when her flaky mother drops Jade on his front door step and leaves. Enter one amazing woman named Kezia, a school teacher and neighbor with an exuberant daughter of her own. Ben needs Kezia’s parental experience and friendship, but that’s not all he needs. Like the Tin Man, he needs to find his heart, and Kezia is holding it in her hands.

Ms. Alvarez has done it again, with incredible, if not one-of-a-kind story telling! The plot flows like a river bound for a waterfall. Dialogue is real and moves the story forward. The black moments make a reader suck in their breath. The antagonist needs to be taken out to sea with an anchor attached to her leg, and dropped over the side. The plot points are layered, building as the pace quickens until the last page, which readers will find they can’t get to fast enough. From heartwarming to heated passion, Ms. Alvarez is a master of making every word count and recreating a simple beauty in a formula that has been done before, but with a twist where the reader will wish they could linger a little longer in her fresh and genuine setting.  

If a reader is looking for excellence in writing, witty, intelligent lines from all the characters that are penned with individual voices that evolve throughout, put “Melting Into You” high on the TBR list!

Natasza Waters