Meet Me at Sunrise (Romano Family #2)


Vanessa Clark feels very out of place on the cruise ship 'MS Princess Catarina'. After reuniting with her grandfather, Vanessa discovers she is the heir to a huge fortune and in an effort to reconnect, her grandfather asks her to take the cruise tour and learn about his business. Unfortunately, the small town girl from Kansas feels more overwhelmed than privileged by her new status. Captain Matis Romano is not thrilled with Vanessa’s presence on this trip, but when his boss requests special treatment for his granddaughter, the captain resigns himself to babysitting the spoiled heiress. However, Vanessa is nothing like he expected, and the more time he spends with her, the quicker he falls for her. Yet, with things mysteriously breaking down on the ship, and Vanessa’s status, is true love possible, or will everything end with the conclusion of the trip?

A contemporary romance set in Portugal, “Meet Me at Sunrise” is the second book in the Romano Family series but can be read as a stand-alone. A combination of romance and mystery, the story focuses mostly on the relationship between Vanessa and Matis, leaving the mystery to provide minimal conflict that virtually resolves itself. With a predictable storyline, the main draw is the exotic scenery and sweet romance. However, the conflict around Vanessa and her family is mostly told rather than shown and comes off as confusing at times. Overall, while the mystery is minor, fans of contemporary romance should enjoy this exotic romance.

Sarah E Bradley