Meant to Be (Southern Heat #2)


Detective Mitch McKenna is a small-town southern boy who found the love of his life while attending college at Princeton. An epic miscommunication ended that relationship and broke his heart. His time in the military did nothing to ease his pain. Sydney Preston also met the love of her life at Princeton, but the shy, quiet girl was unable to stand up to her family. Forced to choose between her love and her dream of practicing medicine, she makes the only decision she can. Fast forward ten years, and Mitch is back home in Virginia, where he runs right into Dr. Sydney Preston.   She is still hurt and he is still angry — will they ever be able to get over the past to see if they are still meant to be?

 This angsty, steamy romance shows readers the power of communication. Each main character makes a transformational journey and discovers that the past is not always what one remembers.  Their eyes are opened when Mitch has to protect Sydney from the person who has twice tried to kill her.  Growing up is hard — especially when Mitch and Sydney have to look at their past feelings to work through their present emotions, and they discover how lies and betrayal by others have played a part in their heartbreak. Readers may get a bit frustrated by the number of pages it takes for each to listen to each other, and the many events that keep impeding their progress.  The ending is worth the investment, however, and fans of second-chance romances should snap this one up immediately.  "Meant to Be" is a fantastic story! 

Laura Dinsdale