Maybe Tomorrow (Maybe #4)


WOMEN'S FICTION:  A summer fling….that’s all it is.  Both Eddy and Henrik have been burned in the past, and that is what they keep telling themselves. It can only be a fling. Eddy swears she is moving back to New York after staying a few months in Copenhagen. She has plans to start her own business with a friend, and those plans don’t include falling in love. Besides, love doesn't exist. 

Henrik doesn’t believe in love either. He sees it in other people, but for him it hasn't happened. But after spending time with Eddy he isn't sure. Is it possible that it actually does? When Eddy leaves for America, will their relationship survive? Would she be willing to stay in Copenhagen? Should he move to New York? A long-distance relationship would be difficult but Eddy is worth it. Will they both figure out what in life is truly important before they destroy their relationship?

Ms. Golden knows her way around characters with baggage. While the commitment issues of both lead characters come across well, it gets to be rather redundant where Eddy is concerned. Henrik is likable, mellow and sexy. Eddy is selfish and irritating at times. While this isn’t an "insta-love" story, it is an "instant jump in the sack" story.  This is part of a series, but stands alone. The main weakness to this story is that a lot of scenes don’t feel complete; they are too rushed and skimmed over. With a little fine tuning, this would be an amazing love story for the ages.

Lynne Bryant