Reviews - Contemporary

Caleb Kelly just got back from Afghanistan - literally - and walked into an empty apartment in Florida, with a dust-covered letter on his pillow. Not sure what’s going on, he heads to Alabama to find his fiancée, Kourtney. Her last email was only a month old.

Animal Angel
M. J.

Mavis owns and operates a dog and cat rescue, using her work to hide from the guilt she feels for the death of her parents and to fill the void created by the loss of her ability to have children.

Gracie’s Plan

Raised by miserable and abusive parents, Annabelle O’Sullivan did not have it easy growing up.

“For The Record” by K.A. Linde is the third book in The Record Series and is the continuation of Brady Maxwell and Liz Dougherty’s story. As an up and coming Congressman, Brady Maxwell lives his life in front of a camera where ever he goes.

WESTERN:  Colt O’Malley only wants to be left alone with the grief he feels over losing his brother Caleb. When someone drops off a beaten and battered female and claims that his dead brother sent her to work as his assistant, Colt almost loses control.