Marshmallows and Mistletoe


For middle-school teacher Noel, Christmas really is the most wonderful time of the year, and she’s looking forward to gathering with her family at the family farmhouse, nestled deep in the Maine woods. When a sudden storm hits, Noel is stranded, without power, and alone… until she discovers a stranger and his young son stranded on the side of the road. When her compassion gets the better of her caution, she invites them inside to wait out the storm – and her life changes forever.

All widower Ian wanted was to take his son to see Santa. Wrecking his car and finding himself trapped in an old house with an attractive Christmas enthusiast was not part of the plan. Ian has been hurt before and he’s not about to fall in love again. As the days pass, their mutual attraction grows – but are either Noel or Ian brave enough to actually fall in love?

 “Marshmallows and Mistletoe” has all the cozy, Christmas good feeling of a Hallmark movie and at 145 pages, it takes about as long to read. The characters are charming, the pacing just right, and Ms. Rice’s prose really captures the cold of a winter storm as well as the warmth of a snow-bound house. Themes of love, family, and joy run through the entire book. If the resolution is a little too sugary sweet, the wrap up too neat, the characters too nice, the story nevertheless works as a relaxing break from reality. The perfect book to cuddle up by the fire with a cup of hot chocolate!

Janice Martin