Marry Your Billionaire


ROMANTIC COMEDY/FAIRYTALE:  Midge Knightly knows firsthand that reality TV is anything but real, and the last thing she’s interested in is a phony romance based on ratings. Unfortunately, when her scholarship runs out, her father is only willing to help her pay for school if she competes in his new “Bachelor” type TV series. Brody Prescott is the CEO and owner of a successful online dating company, but after a scandal lands him in the tabloids he lets his business partner talk him into joining the show to salvage his reputation. Except, now that the initial panic is over, appearing on TV is the last thing he wants. At least, until he meets Midge. With both her father and Brody wanting to keep her on the show, and Midge wanting to be eliminated right away, and a rival willing to do whatever it takes to win, hijinks quickly ensue as love meets reality TV.


A contemporary romantic comedy with plenty of real emotion on a TV set, “Marry Your Billionaire” puts a new spin on the reality TV dating shows by having both a bachelor and bachelorette who don’t want to be there. Full of drama, steam, and a bit of danger as one contestant plots her way to the top, this story has plenty to offer for any “Bachelor” fan. Although, Brody occasionally strays from Alpha to jerk, and Midge sometimes caves on her principles out of lust, the romance and laughs will keep the reader engrossed until the very end.


Sarah E. Bradley