Marry Me For Money


Beth has recently moved to Chicago, IL and is an underwriter for a large financial institution. She was raised three hours away and hopes that it’s far enough away to hide her past. Her father passed away and her mother abandoned her at a young age, leaving Beth to be raised by her Nana. Her one friend, Kent, son of an influential client, has been kind to her and offered to show her around. He is known as a spoiled, rich kid and a playboy with no job, who lives off old money earned by his family. He was sent to Princeton in hopes he would take over the family business, but he has no interest. Beth enjoys his friendship and the offer he makes her would clear her debt. Is his request too much?  She has feelings for another man and does not want to lose him.


Ms. Kayla has penned a fun and upbeat story with “Marry Me For Money”! The additional sub-plots add nicely to the main story. The pace has a slow start; the tempo dies then picks up halfway through, which will have readers turning pages quickly to get to the end. The main characters are well-developed and demonstrate many of the trials that occur in relationships. The changes portrayed in the characters’ personalities matches the story line and are believable, but not described in enough depth. Situations were not completely explained, leaving some loose ends that are not addressed. Still, overall it is a fun, “opposites attract” story.


Julie Caicco