Married in Montana (At the Altar #1)


ROMANTIC COMEDY:  Tired of being single and having to date all kinds of weirdos, Savannah goes to see a matchmaker who specializes in setting up couples who meet at the altar. Her match is Scott, a Montana bison rancher, who is simply too busy to find a wife. When he meets Savannah, she seems like everything he ever dreamed of – and vice versa. But can their marriage work? Two strangers who don’t know each other might have crazy chemistry, but that doesn’t mean they’re a perfect match, and these two lovebirds will soon discover marriage is a lot of work. 

While the concept of getting married first and only then really meeting someone is definitely out of the ordinary, the rest of the book pretty much follows the general romance storyline, throwing up some communication issues and then having the characters work through it. Except that here, the communication issues are totally believable, because the two characters are strangers to each other. 

Savannah is a fierce, strong-willed woman who won’t let anyone run over her. Scott is more traditional, preferring his wife stays at home and takes care of them. They often argued and then compromised, or one gave in to the other. Despite their hiccups, it was easy to see why they would form a good match. The characters and relationship worked well. Not the most original story and sometimes paced a little too fast, nonetheless "Married in Montana" is a light and entertaining read.

Majanka Verstraete