The Marriage Ultimatum (City of Dreams #1)


Sabrina is just trying to make it through the day.  The struggle to meet the demands of her job at VGI and to bear the responsibility of raising her toddler Alex is sapping what little strength she has left.  She certainly can’t entertain thoughts of completing her degree or putting Alex in a decent preschool.  

VGI’s CEO Vladimir Grigory is handsome, rich and deliciously unavailable. He knows nothing about Sabrina and her struggles until a chance meeting and an unfortunately timed photograph link their names in a tabloid tsunami of lies.   Although he fires Sabrina from his firm, he can’t deny that he is drawn to her by a sexual attraction of epic proportions.

Hot steamy sex - the book raises the bar on “oh my” scenes of sexual exploration that are really well written.  Unfortunately, sex isn’t enough to hold this novel together.  The attraction between Sabrina and Vlad is forced and rushed by absurd plot twists injected simply to move the story along. The conflict is predicated on misunderstandings, arrogance and pride which frustrate the reader with each turn of the page.  Its main premise is unbelievable and its finale predictable and uninspiring.  This is too bad, because Ms. Oshay’s strength lies in her prose which is very well done.

For those readers who are looking for a story with little intellectual demand and a fair bit of spice, “The Marriage Ultimatum” is a good read.

Gwenellen Tarbet