Madeline never MaddyJefferson-Brandt goes on a mission to become a manizerafter an online Star Trek quiz indicates her personality is the female counterpart to Commander Rikers womanizing personality. Armed with determination and a box of every brand of condoms her local pharmacy sells, she meets a more than willing participant, Jude Brenner. After a whole day and night of unbridled sex, Madeline is not sure she manized Jude or was womanized by him. In fact, the only thing she is sure of is that her quest is not what shes expecting, especially when she discovers Jude is her new boss. 


This light-hearted tale takes off on its humorous journey and doesnt stop until the very end. Filled with quirky characters that are also endearing, "Manizer" draws the reader in and has them wishing for more story than this short novella provides. There are a few minor editing issues, but neither those issues nor its shortness diminish the appeal of this lively romantic novel. The plot flows smoothly and along with its witty dialogue and amusing energy, holds the readers interest.


The matter-of-fact personalities of the main characters come to life on the pages, making them realistic and very likeable. The authors great sense of humor, creative imagination, and ability to write an entertaining book is evident, as this unique story weaves its course through one small segment of Madelines unusual life. Its mixture of romance, humor, sizzle, family, and love make it a thoroughly enjoyable and delightful read!  


Janna Shay