The Man I Love


Erik Fiskare is the son of a builder and a piano teacher. His teachers guide him into theater in high school, where he thrives.  From there, he minors in theater in college and meets Daisy, a dancer and the love of his life. They live for each other and are the perfect couple; they know they are destined to be together forever. When a disturbed student brings a gun to the theatre and opens fire, their lives (and author Suanne Laqueur's novel) are completely changed.  


The beginning introduces the reader to the players in the story.  They have depth of character and interesting backgrounds. They genuinely care for one another. The story up till the shooting drags and adds little to the progression to the storyline. There are also missing words which the reader has to fill in for themselves, which is a slight distraction. The story really begins after the shooting. Then Ms. Laqueur puts her heart into the telling of the story and lets us see the full spectrum of emotions from her characters. This novel is an extremely sensitively charged piece that takes the reader on a roller coaster ride of emotions. Well done!


Belinda Wilson