Man of Her Dreams (Daydream Believers Book 1)


It’s just days before her wedding when Leslie Stone finds her fiancé in bed with her maid of honor. Trying to be rid of them both, she decides to go to her family’s cabin in Sleeping Falls, Michigan. As soon as she crosses into the city limits, her car breaks down. With no money to fix the car, she sees an advertisement above the local bike bar and decides that their contest will be a perfect way to get the money. 


Jay Westfield learned when he was young to stay away from women who wanted to be the centre of attention. When Leslie walks into the bar, things heat up. Jay wants nothing to do with Leslie but he can’t hide his attraction for long. Leslie doesn’t know what to think with all of his mixed signals. 


Leslie and Jay come from different sides of life. Leslie grew up with a close family and Jay was abandoned by his mother, therefore he doesn’t trust easily. Following along and watching their relationship grow is maddening yet entertaining. Jay, in typical male fashion, is very stubborn. Readers will want to push him to get over his past. Leslie is surprisingly patient with him. The writing style really grabs a hold of the reader and keeps them interested until the very end!


Heather Mcguire