Making It Real (Henderson Family) 


Kareem Henderson owns Fresh Cutz in Columbia, North Carolina. He dreams of expanding the business; taking care of the grooming needs of the high-end patrons he would have access to in Charlotte. Despite a strong business plan, the bank turns his loan application down. Neecie Baldwin, who works for Kareem, tells him she has business connections in Charlotte after her brother surprises her at the shop demanding she come home for her parents’ 30th-anniversary party, after a five-year absence. In return for her help, Kareem would have to agree to pose as her fiancé; thereby kiboshing any attempt her family may make to reunite Neecie with her former boyfriend. 


The first scene of this third book in the series is characteristic: descriptive passages pull the reader in without being overbearing. The story concentrates on the developing relationship between Kareem and Neecie taking place over several months; his character development is more evident than hers. Both individuals fight against the preconceived notions of others; providing the plot’s scaffolding. Kareem’s business dealings are an integral part of it, but they are relegated to subplot status. Though unforeseen plot twists are nonexistent, the pace of this steamy love story is not to be faulted. Most important characters have suitably unique traits with a corresponding believable history; Neecie’s nephew’s age is an exception. Minor players add interest and character to the story.


A means to an end turns into a journey of discovery; expected yet satisfying to the reader looking for a straightforward romance.


Heather R. Nielsen