Make Me Lose


Grayson and Hazel were born on the same day, and since then they have been rivals, even though they dated in high school.  Grayson comes back to his hometown after he learns he has inherited his grandmother’s home.  Grayson turns to Hazel, who is now a local realtor, and asks her to sell his home.  He is anxious to get back to his fast-paced life in New York.  He spends his vacation fixing up the house so it can garner a higher price.  Since they are in a small town and she is his realtor, they cannot help but start spending time together.  Is Grayson is starting to have feelings for Hazel?  The sexual tension increases to the point that they "christen" his grandmother’s home.  Grayson’s conflict is that he can appreciate some things about his hometown because his parents continue to live there and he did have some good memories of the place, but he keeps insisting that he is wanting to go back home to New York.

This story is the typical "boy comes back to hometown and reunites with first love" trope.  The only twist is that since they share a birth date, everyone (including Grayson’s mother) believes they are destined to be together.  Hazel remains a small-town girl and Grayson has become a city boy.  Unfortunately, this is a story that has been told many times before — a local boy goes to the big city to make his fortune and comes home to be reunited with an ex-girlfriend.  It is still a cute story and as it progresses, the reader hopes for a happy ending for the two of them. 

Stephanie Shaw