Magic Sometimes Happens


Rosie Denham spent a year in Paris that ended with a mistake that has left her grieving. When her friend Tess invites her to visit and meet her new husband Ben, Rosie decides to take the chance to get away before starting up her new PR business. Ben meanwhile invites his friend Patrick Riley to meet Tess’ friend. Pat is facing troubles of his own. His wife has decided to leave him for a British guy Pat nicknames “Mr. Wonderful” but Pat isn’t willing to give up his kids as well. Both Rosie and Pat are trying to figure out their lives while everything is falling apart, but could love be the answer when they both come from such different backgrounds and places?


A contemporary romance, “Magic Sometimes Happens” is a mix of self-discovery and romance as both characters use their relationship to evaluate themselves. Rosie and Patrick are average people with family troubles the reader can relate to. The side characters help flesh out the story and give it a bit of depth. However, the pace is a bit slow, and while both Rosie and Patrick are nice people, they lack the spark that makes them really likeable. Further, the entire story seems to be one sad or miserable event after another, with little positive in either events or characters. Still, this is a good read for contemporary romance lovers.


Sarah E. Bradley