Made for Me (A New Beginnings Book 1)

Kathryn R.

CHICK-LIT:  Currently unemployed for the foreseeable future and with bills looming, Michele Nowakowski seizes the opportunity to finally use her incredible sewing skills and kick start her career.  Michele applies for the reality TV show “Made for Me”. The show has nine contestants competing for the right to design a wardrobe for Maryn Medrovovich, the soon to be princess of Montabago. Believing she can use the show as a platform to promote her Etsy store, Michele quickly finds herself in unfamiliar territory...especially where sexy fellow designer Asher is concerned. With her career goals in sight and her love life up in the air, does Michele have what it takes to win the contest and the man? 

The first tale in the A New Beginnings series, “Made for Me” is a winsome and witty glimpse into the world of fashion!  Ms. Biel offers up a solid plot that's serious where it needs to be, hilarious where it ought to be and tender in places where one least expects it. Although the narrative seems rushed at times, and one may balk at the lack of closure in Michele’s relationship with Asher, overall this is a wonderful book. Michele is a study in excellent character writing. Spunky, comical and totally relatable, readers will identify with her well-intentioned but slightly intrusive family. One can't help but fall in love with these characters, each one becoming more real and believable. Fans of reality TV and fashion will adore the first book of what promises to be an excellent series! 

Chantel Hardge