Lust. Mechanics. Mini Cooper.


ADVENTURE:  Lesley Meryn has never quite fit in with those around her. Content with her life as a popular adventure-romance author and her friendship with the extremely sexy action movie star, Jason “Jax” Hambrey, Lesley has given up on finding more. However, when her aunt dies and leaves her a piece of property in North Yorkshire, England, Lesley is forced to investigate the mysterious ‘Historical Research Society’ that has a lease there. Upon arrival, Lesley discovers that the society and its leader Miles Sherwood are more than they seem. Fireworks that she never felt with Jax spark instantly and Miles and Lesley find themselves both irritating and fascinating the other. When trouble tracks Miles down, things are set into motion neither of them can stop, launching the pair the last place Lesley ever thought possible, the past!


A whirlwind of action and adventure, “Lust. Mechanics. Mini Cooper.” is a non-stop rush of flashbacks, action, steam, more action, and a lot of science. The premise of the story focuses on how Lesley feels like an outsider.  Her best friend Jax is in love with her and overwhelmed by his movie star lifestyle, and Miles is dodging criminals while working on a secret time travel project. However, this book spends the first half just giving backstory through flashbacks, but the science and Miles’ past remain murky by the end of the book. The result of all this is a steam and action-filled book that ends on an epic cliffhanger with few questions answered. Book two should be interesting!


Sarah E. Bradley