Lucky 13 (Deadlines and Diamonds #4)

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Having always dreamed of being a left fielder, Enrique (Ricky) Santiago gets his dream job of playing for the Las Vegas Rockets, when Matthias Xavier is hurt. Meeting Shayne, Matthias’s sister, he realizes he may have found “the one”, but he soon learns that she has trust issues. He must earn her trust, and find a way into her heart if he wants her, and her son in his life.  

Shayne Xavier, hasn’t had it easy, but she hasn’t let it get her down. She is a single mom of a 12 year old boy named Matt, who is her whole world. Life throws her another curve ball, when she loses the diner she owns and loves, due to a bad economy.  Finding it necessary to move from Kingman to Las Vegas, she accepts help from her brother, which she finds extremely difficult. However, life is looking up when she meets Ricky, but will she be able to keep her deep dark secrets to herself?

Lucky 13, is the fourth in the Deadlines and Diamond series, but is a book that can stand on it’s own. Ricky and Shayne are wonderful, rich characters, whose relationship needs a bit more build up to feel realistic. Shayne is extremely independent, but has a tendency to be a bit too weepy.  Matt is so adorable that he steals the show whenever he shows up. It’s a sweet, romantic tale with a suspenseful twist thrown in that will be surprising.

Tonya Smalley