LuAnn and the Latin Lover (Snowbirds Series Book 3)


Socialite LuAnn Sparks has hit bottom. Within a year, she loses her husband, his company goes bankrupt, and she loses his pension. In spite of everyone’s advice, she sues the company for her husband’s benefits but all she accomplishes is to deplete her life’s savings. Now she is living in an upscale RV park and setting up a new business as a wedding photographer. When her next-door-neighbor sees her, he can hardly believe his eyes. His parents worked for hers, and he and LuAnn were good friends so many years ago. He just can’t understand why the beautiful socialite is living in an RV park by herself. When the two finally reunite, sparks fly!


Written against the beautiful background of the beaches of South Padre, Ms. Roman pens a delightful reunion story. Although next to penniless LuAnn is still a snob, millionaire Joaquin has never let his new money go to his head. He keeps his wealth a secret. In essence, their roles have changed since their youth, but not their attitudes. Luann and Joaquin are well fleshed-out characters and very sympathetic. Descriptions of the characters are so on point that one can almost smell Joaquin’s cologne and get a whiff of LuAnn’s fragrance. LuAnn’s back story is repeated several times and it becomes dull with the retelling. The story is not unique; it is another reunion tale, but Ms. Roman’s skill weaves it into an interesting story that captures the reader’s interest from the very beginning. This is the third novel in a series, but works exceptionally well as a standalone.

Belinda Wilson