Loving Scarlett


Scarlett is soon to be the maid of honor for her best friend Hayley. Scarlett owns a lovely bed and breakfast inn just outside of Twin Cities, Minnesota. The happy couple have asked her to reserve rooms at the Inn for their guests and family members. When her kitchen plumbing springs a leak and her mom is off on her eighth honeymoon, Scarlett is stressing. Finally, the plumber arrives. Rick (the best man) is willing to jump in and help since he knows she’s the bride’s BFF. Little does he know that Scarlett will need more help than the sink in the coming days leading to the wedding. Will he stick around or head for home sooner rather than later?

“Loving Scarlett” is a poignant tale of a strong young woman who’s a savvy business owner! Readers will get to feel all the emotions in this narrative. Scarlett’s unreliable yet loving mother shows readers where her character, strong determination and independence comes from. Rick is the perfect hero who is taken with Scarlett quickly, but not at an unrealistic pace which leads to a budding romance. Loving the irritating mother shows great character building in Ms. Carley’s writing style. The supporting characters add an additional layer to this already great story. Other than some slight predictability, this book is flawless, and readers will devour it. Every reader should add Kate Carley to their favorite authors list!

Viola Robins