Love's Twist of Fate


Lydia Taylor's friends all seem to have romance in their lives and she craves the same. It's been so long, too long. Dwelling on this she is caught in a downpour and rushes to the shelter of a bookstore she doesn't recall ever existing. Undaunted, she enters. The proprietor gives her an unusual book, promising she is welcome to return it if it is not to her liking. She reads the first of the books short stories that evening. The following morning a handsome knight in shining armor stands at her door, professing his commitment to protect her.


Maggie Anderson tells this short story almost as though choosing to remain distant from her characters. As it stands, the reader ends up with better feel for a secondary character than one of her primary characters. The setting is well drawn, and could pass for any small town making it wonderfully more personable. However, we don't meet the true romantic lead until halfway through the story which leaves little time to explore his personality. The plot is original and offers a tease for the reader hoping for more. Should the author ever expand this short it may prove a most engaging must read!


Shaunna Gonzales